Have you passed NTS test ?
if yes, this is what next you will have to do.
1) You can get print of NTS result from its website, but it’s better to wait fr the result card.
2)You will receive NTS result card at your given home address. This is your official entry card for next step of Educators Recruitment.
3) Now you will have to rinse and repeat the fee payment and form fulling procedure that you did in the start of this recruitment process.
4) First of all, you need to download fee receipt form (aka Fee Challan). Fill this ”challan”’ and pay the fee in your local bank branch. Once fee is paid, they will give you once copy of receipt back to you. You need to get another photo-copy of this receipt.


5) Now download the latest Educators Recruitment form 2016 and populate the form with required information.

Download Form

6) Attach all your attested documents , original NTS Result Card (keep a copy of it with yourself) and original fee receipt with your form and make a file of it.
9) Now everything is ready. Go to EDO/DEO office and submit the form. You will be given a new receipt after form submission. You need to make sure you keep it safe as this is your proof that you submitted the form (to avoid the ”magic” of clerical staff)
10) On given day, you will be called for Interview. A panel will interview you. You need to be well dressed, well confident and mentally ready for the questions ranging from your subject to your personal life.
11) A few days after interview, first premerit list will be displayed. After few more days, Final Selection List will be displayed. Candidates , who could not be selected, will be given a chance to appeal against the selection.
12) If selected, congrats but a lot of mess is in wait for you ahead.