The progress on the projects for CPEC have been going fairly well, so well that they are actually ahead of schedule than initially planned out to be. These projects have so far created 13,000 jobs for Pakistanis and there are many more to come as newer projects start and get put into play. This was all revealed by a Chinese ambassador in Islamabad named Sun Weidong.

The ambassador was highly impressed and appeased with the progress of the projects. Pakistan and China have also come to an agreement to tweak the list to change priorities of some projects and their completion dates as well. The estimated time for the actively promoted projects completion time is over the course of 5 years.

The Chinese ambassador has stated the CPEC has already entered the implementation phase, which has caused these 18 projects to already create 13,000 jobs for local residents in the residing areas of the projects. With these projects underway these will develop more long term and future job growths for Pakistani’s as well. These will cause their local economies to grow up and give them a well needed boost to help them grow and expand. With the help of CPEC many great and new things will be achieved.