Is NTS going to conduct NTS test again?
Here is the answer and it’s a big NO.
Some Facebook groups are spreading fake news that NTS is going to conduct NTS test again, after 97% candidates failed.
Well, NTS has not even uploaded keys of all the tests, let alone the result so how do they know that 97% candidates failed? =D

Some people have asked has NTS decreased passing marks?
This is ridiculous. NTS has no authority to decrease or increase passing marks. NTS is just testing organization and its sole responsibility is to conduct the test. Once finished, it will forward the data to Education department and its job will be finished there.
As for the news in Khabrain is concerned, then Khabrain is the most idiotic news paper ever existed in Pakistan. Their reporters pick up ”news” from social media and they pubish it as news in their newspaper. This case is just another example.
Final Myth : Is there any phase II of Educators Recruitment ?
Yes there is. First phase of Educators test was from 18 March to 21 March. Second phase of Educators test is from 25 March o 27 March. There is no other phase . Everything else is fake 🙂
Here is response of NTS rep to an email
So don’t fall for fake news and waste your time. If you have passed the test, download the form to apply at district Level.