11.  The current view of childhood assumes that
 (a)  Children are similar to adults in most ways.
 (b)  Children are best treated as young adults.
 (c)   Childhood is basically a “waiting period.”
(d)  Childhood is a unique period of growth and change.

12.  In preparing a fifth grade class to take a standardized reading test the teacher is best advised to:
 (a)  Tell the children the test is very important and they should do the best they can
 (b)  Ditto key questions from a previous test and allow the pupils to answer them
 (c)  Coach the below grade level readers, as the rest of the class will do well anyway
 (d)  Give the pupils practice in answering questions similar to the type that will appear on the test

13. A normal child of twelve years of age is most likely to
 (a) Have difficulty with gross motor coordination
 (b) Have feelings of anxiety about pleasing adults
 (c) Confine his/her interests to here and now
(d) Be eager for peer approval

14.  Creative writing should be an activity planned for
 (a) Only those children reading on grade level
 (b) Only those children who can spell and also, can write cohesive sentences
 (c) Only those children who want to write for the newspaper of the class
 (d) All children

15.  Of the following, the most promising step for a teacher to take in order to improve class discipline is to
 (a) Note specific infractions of class rules in the marking book
 (b) Evaluate his/her materials, methods and approaches to children 
 (c) Consult the class and agree upon a graduated series of punishments
 (d) Call a parent – teacher meeting to discuss the situation