16.   The question “Will the shy child who never speaks turn into a quiet, shy adult or wilL the child become a sociable, talkative person?” is concerned with which developmental issue?
 (a) Maturation
 (b) Continuity and discontinuity                       
 (c) Cultural universals versus cultural relativism
 (d) Nature and nurture

17.  A child from a disorganized home will experience the greatest difficulty with:
 (a)  Well structured lessons
(b)  Independent study
(c)  Programmed instruction
(d)  Workbooks

18.   Most psychologists believe that development is due
 (a)  Largely to nature.
 (b)  Largely to nurture.
 (c)  To nature and nurture acting separately.
 (d)  To an interaction of nature and nurture.

19.  The normal twelve –year –old child is most likely to:
 (a)  Have difficulty with gross motor coordination
(b)  Have anxiety feelings about pleasing adults
(c)  Confine his/her interests to the here and now
(d)  Be eager for peer approval

20. The reason why students run from school is
 (a) Lack of interesting class teaching work
 (b) Lack of interest in studies on the part of students
 (c) Not giving punishment to students
 (d) Callous attitude of teachers towards the problem