26.   A Person believes that nurture strongly influences the development of his child. He
would not agree with the importance of:
 (a)  Genetic factors.   (b)  Exposure to peers.
 (c)  The types of toys at home.
(d)  The warmth displayed by the parents.
27. If student is too shy to participate in the class, you will
 (a) Not ask questions from him
 (b) Ask only those questions from him whose answers can be given by him
 (c) Not ask those questions from him whose answers are beyond his means and due to which, he may become objects of ridicule in the class
 (d) Ask questions from him only when he is keen to answer them

28. How will you bring a hyperactive child on the right path?
 (a) Make him sit in front of the class and keep a strict vigil on him
 (b) Allocate a seat for him in a corner of the class
 (c) Give him tasks of watering trees, cleaning the blackboard, making toys of clay etc.
 (d)  None of above

29. Knowledge of child psychology is a must for a primary teacher. That is because
 (a) It helps in making children disciplined
 (b) The examination result is improved
 (c) It becomes a convenient mode for motivating children
 (d) It helps the teacher in understanding the behavior of children

30.  The current movement of behavior modification, wherein tokens are awarded for
correct responses, is a reflection of:
 (a)  Herbart’s Five Steps
(b)  Lock’s Tabula rasa
(c)  Thorndike’s Law of Effect
(d)  Thorndike’s Law of Exercise