Download UC Verification Form for Educators Recruitment 2016

As the Educators Recruitment process in Punjab has entered in next phase, many candidates who have passed )or expecting to do so) seem baffled due to the highly complexity of the recruitment process. One of the many reasons that has led to this baffling situation is allocated marks for Union Council in merit marks for Educators in Punjab.

As per the new merit criteria, there are 12 merit marks for the residents of the Union Council where the school is located.  To get these marks , candidates will have to prove that they are residents of the same Union Council where the school is located where they have applied for.  In order to prove their claim, candidates will have to bring forth UC Verification Form. UC Verification Form must be duly attested by the secretary of Union Council.

It’s important to mention that to avoid malpractice, recruitment authorities will also verify the candidates address from his/her domicile & CNIC. If the address in the UC Verification Form is different from that of Domicile or CNIC, his candidature will be dismissed.

UC verification Certificate