How to Fill Form for Educators Recruitment 2016 ?

#1 Girls can apply in boys school for the post of BPS 9&14

#2. If girls are interested to apply in boys school then they submit an other application in boys side.Because their are two separate section of EDO.One received only girls form and other received only boys girls can submit form in both section separately.

#3. If a school have grater than one seats of same category e.g 3seats of ESE in one school.than you should have to write school name only one time.not repeated

#4. Maximum 29 school can be written according to priority.

#5. write the school name of your priority.

First of all write all the name of schools in your villages or wards than write names of all schools in your UC.last write the name of school of other UC.

Note:Always write those school which have minimum number of NTS qualified applicants,have Maximum No.of vacancy and low literacy rate.