HEC Indigenous Ph.D. Fellowship Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Indigenous Ph.D. Fellowship Program
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: –  Is this scholarship meant ONLY for PhD.?

Ans:-      NO, Applicant who have completed 16 years of education can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship is also for MS/MPhil, but he has to do PhD eventually .


Q: –  An application created by CNIC of any family member or friend other than applicant will eligible .?

Ans:-      NO, Application created by using any other’s CNIC , except applicants own will not be entertained.


Q: – A person with Grade D and 3rd Division in entire academic career can apply for the scholarship ?

Ans:-      NO, if  Grade D or 3rd Division is mentioned in any certificates/degree. 

Q: -Can an overage person apply for the scheme.

Ans:-       NO, as per approved PC-1, there is no possibility of age relaxation in any case. 
Q: -Can employee apply for the Indigenous Program without informing their parent department?

Ans.   The scholar has to apply through proper channel, however, the advance copy of the application can be forwarded to HEC.

Q: – Do scholar need to send the study leave with the application?

Ans.       No, they can apply without study leave, but the same would be needed for final award of fellowship.  

Q:-From which dates the scholarships will be applicable?

Ans.   The scholarship would be awarded/applicable from the date of approval of award from National Scholarship Management Committee (NSMC) or the date of provision of study leave/releiving order which ever is later.   


Q: – For scholarship is GAT General is mandatory to apply for PhD applicants as well ,and  If a person who has already GAT General test and wants to improve the marks can he/she appear in GAT General Test before closing date of application?

Ans.  Yes, GAT General is mandatory to apply for all applicants. Applicant can improve the marks of the GAT General test and HEC will consider the highest score of valid GAT General test ( till closing date of application) . 


Q: – Can a person take two scholarships at a time?  

Ans.   NO, only one Government/HEC Scholarship can be obtained at a time.


Q:- Can a scholars work/undertake any employment with HEC scholarship ?

Ans.     NO, the scholar has to be a full time student and he/she can not undertake any job, in case of employee he/she has to be on study leave for the period of his/her studies.

Q:- Can a scholar quit his/her studies before completion of studies?

Ans.     NO. the scholarship is meant for PhD studies, and scholars are supposed to complete their respective PhD Programs.

Q:- Can a scholar freeze a semester?

Ans.     No, semester freezing is not allowed. The request can be considered only on Medical Grounds.

 Q:-What are the terms and conditions of award?

 Ans.     a) An awardee will not change the course of study specified by the awardee on the application form or in the letter of award without obtaining prior approval of the Higher Education Commission. 

 b) Fresh awardee must take/get admission in the department/universities mentioned in the list of universities

d) Already enrolled scholars in PhD program must be a regular PhD student in a Department/Institute and must be conducting studies under the Supervision of an HEC Approved PhD Supervisor and the number of PhD students enrolled with that supervisor is below the maximum as specified by the HEC.

 e) Change of university/institute at any stage of study is not encouraged but due to unavoidable circumstances will only be admissible giving logical justification for prior approval of the Higher Education Commission and follow the HEC SOP for change of university.

 f) An awardee would obtain Study leave from his employer to join the institution of his   study on full-time basis. This is mandatory. 

 g) An awardee has to execute a bond with the HEC/Government of Pakistan to serve in the country for 5 years after completion of study, preferably in an Institution of Higher Education.

 h) An awardee shall sign an agreement with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on non-judicial paper (stamp paper) to the effect that in case the awardee fails to complete his/her study, he/she will refund to the HEC the total amount spent on his/her studies by the HEC. The format of the agreement is available at Annex-I. 

 i) In addition, a personal guarantee of a person of means on non-judicial (stamp) paper to the effect of ensuring the recovery in case of default would need to be furnished available at (Annex- II and Annex-III)

 j) The Higher Education Commission would monitor the Academic progress/performance of the Awardee on quarterly basis and the financial utilization six monthly bases