English Essay” is a very critical paper in CSS. For some people it’s very easy and for some it’s the most difficult paper in CSS. So we see that this paper has  very unique result as it has less success ratio as compared to other compulsory subjects but at the same time this paper is also among the high scoring subjects in CSS. It’s wrong to presume that you can’t get high marks in Essay.If work smart and definitely hard, ,certainly there is no reason that you will not secure high marks in this paper.

So let’s start with the first thing you should do in order to maximize your chances for securing high grades in CSS Essay paper. Like other CSS subjects,STRONG GRIP on English is the BASIC REQUIREMENT for you to pass this paper. CSS is the game of “HOW YOU PLAY WITH WORDS”.If you can’t play with words,I would like to give you a sincere advice to QUIT and do something else.It may sound harsh but this is ULTIMATE FACT that if you have no grip on English Language,YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME.

Anyone of you can ask that what I mean by “GRIP ON ENGLISH LANGUAGE” ??

We can define it as::

“Grip on English is your capability to THINK and WRITE in English Spontaneously, without taking time for TRANSLATING your Ideas from Urdu to English”

Now,If you have a strong grip on English,then what to do next to get high score in Essay Paper ??

First thing that you should start RIGHT NOW is to start reading these newspapers. Almost each one of them has only editions , so you can read them without paying a single penny.

  1. Dawn
  2. The Diplomat
  3. Foreign Policy Magazine
  4. Foreign Policy Journal
  5. The Washington Post
  6. The Guardian

One thing you must know is that don’t stick yourself to the publications whose political views align with you. By reading the Telegraph if you’re a natural lefty, or the Guardian if you’re more right-wing, you’re going to get a much more rounded perspective on events than if you purely stick to media you agree with.

For civil service  aspirants in Pakistan, Dawn is considered as the BIBLE of CSS. Make a routine of reading DAWN daily,especially its Editorials .Reading DAWN will boost up your ideas and will help you in all papers especially ESSAY,Current Affairs,Pakistan affairs,Composition and in may optional papers as well.If you don’t ave access to hard copy of DAWN,you can read online Dawn epaper here http://epaper.dawn.com/.
Reading that will make you feel that you are getting a flow of new ideas in your mind.Now let this flow out and  ventilate your ideas but the question is how ?? All the leading English Newspaper have a section for young and enthusiastic souls to express their thoughts and opinions,this section is called “Blog”.

What you have to do is that pen down your thoughts about a specific current affair issue and pitch your blog to these websites .These newspapers has very strict moderation policy so if your article is published it means that you are really DOING SOMETHING REAL for CSS..I’m giving the link where you can submit your articles..

Express Tribune Blog
The News Blog
Dawn Blog

This will be a real test of your competence.You must write at least one article per week. If you can do even more,you can write the same amount of articles for other newspapers as well.


Now do these things and don’t forget to share your experience.If your article is published on any newspaper,don’t forget to share the link with us. In case if you it’s not, you can submit your article on our website. We’ll publish after it after proper moderation.Contact us to submit your blog.

In the end, what Confucius said must be a guiding light for all of civil service aspirants.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

Note: Download the list of most important essay topics for css paper.

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