As we all know, many South Asian countries, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh actually prefer to move out to countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. But in light of new research, a recent study by Pew Research¬†show that Pakistan was the second highest country where Indian’s had actually migrated, whereas the first one was UAE. This comes as a surprising fact as too many people would think that these two countries are mortal enemies, but studies show otherwise that Indian migrants prefer to live there.

About 2 million Indians have migrated to Pakistan, whereas 3.5 million have migrated to UAE. Now to dive deeper into this it shows that Indian minorities actually migrate at a significantly higher rate than Hindus themselves, as they may be linked to how the countries internal structure works on how they treat their citizens and whatnot. The study also shows that India is also the worlds top leading place for migrants to move to, which makes sense since there are a lot of possible business opportunities and professional jobs available. As their economy increases so does their influx of migrants, but again at the same time, their other population mainly who are minorities who have less of an opportunity there tend to move to Pakistan it seems since there are better opportunities available there for them.