This page is especially designed for people who are looking for jobs in Karachi. You can find all recent jobs in Karachi , in both Govt and Private Sector.  We have designed this page in a way that you will find jobs in Karachi from all departments. This page caters jobs from the following fields and departments. 

Jobs in Karachi December 2016 :

  • IT jobs in Karachi , Teaching jobs in Karachi 
  • Construction jobs in Karachi, Real state jobs in Karachi
  • Call Center jobs in Karachi , NGO Jobs in Karachi
  • International Jobs in Karachi, School Jobs in Karachi
  • NGO Jobs in Karachi, Pakistan Army Jobs in Karachi
  • Pakistan Navy Jobs in Karachi, Rangers Jobs in Karachi
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Karachi is the heartbeat of Pakistan. It’s the economic lifeline of Pakistan. It’s said that Karachi is the heart that pumps blood in the whole body of Pakistan and it’s true without any second opinion. Thousands and thousands of people from every corner of Pakistan come to Karachi for making a living and Karachi never disappoints them.

Jobs in Karachi 2016
Latest Jobs in Karachi 2016

Despite the bad law and order, dwindling economy of Pakistan and many other problems, Karachi has not ceased to feed the people who come under its umbrella. That is Karachi for you.



Govt Jobs in Karachi 2016

You can find different Govt jobs in Karachi through this page. This include jobs in local Govts, jobs in Pakistan Army, jobs in Sindh Police, jobs in Education Department Sindh, jobs in Finance Department Sindh, jobs in Excise and Taxation Department Sindh, jobs in Election Commission Sindh, Jobs in Forst Department Sindh, Jobs in Labour Department Sindh, Jobs in Information Technology Department Sindh, Jobs in Planning Department Sindh, Jobs in Irrigation Department Sindh, Jobs in Transport Department Sindh, Jobs in Revenue Department Sindh, Jobs in Sanitation Department Sindh etc 

NGO Jobs in Karachi

As Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan , it’s hub of many International or national NGO jobs in Karachi. On this page, you can find Aman Foundation jobs in Karachi, jobs in Aurat Foundation Karachi, jobs in Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, jobs in Al-Khidmat Foundation, jobs in CARE Pakistan, jobs in Caritas Pakistan, jobs in Childreach International, jobs in Consumer Rights Commission of Pakistan, jobs in Darul Sukun, jobs in David and Lucile Packard Foundation, jobs in Ford Foundation Karachi, jobs in Fatima Jinnah Trust in Karachi , jobs in Fatma Welfare Foundation in Karachi, jobs in Fauna and Flora International in Karachi , jobs in Green Crescent Trust Karachi, UN Jobs in Karachi, United Nations Jobs in Karachi etc.

How to Apply for Latest Karachi Jobs 2016

All you need to do is to find the job you are looking for, click on it and read the details given on the ad. Usually companies ask to apply online or send a CV to their given address.

Important Tips for CV

1. Keep it real!

Try to keep the CV as much real as possible . Usually a CV should not consist more than two pages – and that’s two pages of A4 paper! Employers spend, on average, just 8 seconds looking at any one CV, and a surefire way of landing yourself on the no pile is to send them your entire life story. Keep your CV punchy, to the point, and save those little details for the interview.

2. Customize It

We’ve all done it. Pinch the same CV out to lots of companies to save time… but it’s enough, you need to Stop! It’s important to customize your CV for each job  that you apply for. Research about the company and the specific details / requirements of job  to work out EXACTLY what skills you should point out to them.

3. Include a personal statement

Don’t just assume an employer will see how your experience relates to their job. Instead, use a short personal statement to explain why you are the best person for the job. This should be reflected in your cover letter as well see our tips to the perfect cover letter

4. Don’t leave gaps

We are a cynical bunch and leaving obvious gaps on your CV immediately makes employers suspicious – and they won’t give you the benefit of the doubt. If you’ve been out of work it can be a worry but just put a positive spin on it. Did you do a course, volunteer work or develop soft skills such as communication, teamwork or project management? If so, shout about it!

5. Keep it current

You should keep your CV up-to-date whether you’re looking for a job or not. Every time something significant occurs in your career, record it so you don’t later forget something that could be important.

6. Tell the truth

Everyone lies on their CV, right? NO! Stop! Blatant lies on your CV can land you in a whole heap of trouble when it comes to employers checking your background and references. The last thing you want is to start work and then lose your new job for lying. You also may get caught out at the interview stage when you suddenly can’t answer questions on what you claim to know. And that can be VERY awkward!

7. The maths

This may sound dull but by backing up your achievements with numbers it makes selling yourself much easier. When writing your work history, don’t just say that you increased sales; tell them you increased sales by 70% over a six month period. Get it? Big numbers are especially good (although don’t forget point 7 of our list!).