List of Medical Colleges in Pakistan

In Pakistan, a medical school is more often referred to as a medical college. A recognized medical college in Pakistan is the one that is recognized by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PM&DC) – a Govt body that aims at regulating medical & dental colleges in Pakistan. Any medical colleges in Pakistan is affiliated with a university as a department which usually has a separate campus. Currently, there are a total of 94 medical colleges in Pakistan, 39 of which are public and 55 private.

All medical colleges and universities are regulated by the respective provincial department of health. They however have to be recognized after meeting a set criteria by a central regulatory authority called Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). Entrance into the medical colleges is based on merit under the guidelines of PMDC. Both the academic performance at the HSC (grades 11-12) and an entrance test like MCAT are taken into consideration for the eligibility to enter most of the medical colleges.

Here you can check the list of medical colleges in all provinces, Islamabad & Azad Kashmir.


Alert for Parents about Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Please do not seek admission in any other medical colleges in Pakistan but the above listed as Medical/Dental Colleges not included in this notice are running their MBBS/BDS training courses illegally and in violation of PM&DC Ordinance,1962.


Parents and students seeking admission in any medical colleges in Pakistan are advised in their own interest to pursue admission only in the recognized institutions listed above.  College in accordance with the admission criteria laid down by the Council and according to the seat allocation of the institution, shall be registered by PM&DC as medical/dental students.


PM&DC has allocated specific seats for all medical colleges in Pakistan which can be checked on our website i.e . Before getting admission in the college, students must check how much seats has been allocated for that specific medical college in Pakistan by PMDC. Students admitted over and above the allocated seats would not be registered as a student by PM&DC.


Any graduate of any college who was not registered as student by PM&DC (shall not be registered as Registered Medical/Dental Practitioner). It is informed that PM&DC has lifted the bar of age but students with less than 60% marks in F.Sc and equivalent are not eligible for medical or dental education. All decisions and regulations of PM&DC are binding on every dental or medical colleges in Pakistan and all the students of that institution.  


Notice to Colleges without legal status:


If the name of your college is not in the above list then your college is not recognized under PM&DC Ordinance 1962 and is without any legal status and you cannot train for grant of MBBS/BDS degree and you are advised in your own interest not to admit any students in your institutions till recognition is granted in terms of PM&DC Ordinance,1962. For further information you may contact PM&DC office.