List of Public Medical Colleges in Sindh, Pakistan

As of 2016, there are 32 medical colleges in Sindh, Pakistan where qualifications are recognized by the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council. These medical colleges in Sindh Pakistan have a combined capacity to provide medical education for 54,145 students. Here you can check the names, number of seats, affiliation, IMED rank & website address of each medical college in Sindh , Pakistan.

Alert for Parents about Medical Colleges in Sindh

Please do not seek MBBS or BDS admission in any other medical colleges in Sindh but the above listed as the medical Colleges in Sindh not included in this notice are running their MBBS/BDS training courses illegally and in violation of PM&DC Ordinance,1962. If you get admission in MMBS, BDS or any other program in any so-called medical colleges in Sindh that is NOT listed above, PM&DC will not recognize your degree & you will not be allowed to do practice anywhere in Pakistan. This may result in criminal proceeding for violation of law.

List of Dental & Medical Colleges in Sindh, Pakistan

No. Name of medical school Funding Established Enrollment University City Province Website IMED profile
49 Chandka Medical College Public 1973 SMBBMU Larkana Sindh SMBBMU 704086
50 Dow Medical College Public 1945 350 DUHS Karachi Sindh DUHS 704060
51 Sindh Medical College Public 1973 350 JSMU Karachi Sindh JSMU 704065
52 Karachi Medical and Dental College Public 1991 250 UoK Karachi Sindh KMDC 704160
53 Khairpur Medical College Public 2012 100 PUMHS Khairour mirs Sindh KMC 704162
54 Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Public 1951 350 LUMHS Jamshoro Sindh LUMHS 704050
55 Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women Public 1974 250 PUMHSW Nawabshah Sindh PUMHS 704100
56 Dow International Medical College Public 2007 150 DUHS Karachi Sindh DIMC 704200
57 Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical College Lyari Public 2011 100 DUHS Karachi Sindh SMBBMCL 704425
58 Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College Sukkur Public 2003 100 SMBBMU Sukkur Sindh GMMMC 704250
  • List of Private Medical Colleges in Sindh, Pakistan

This is the list of private medical colleges in Sindh, Pakistan. These colleges are duly recognized by PMDC, authorized by Govt of Pakistan. Please note that PMDC allocates specific number of seats for MBBS & BDS admissions to each private & medical college in Sindh & whole Pakistan for that matter. Before you seek admission in a public or private medical colleges in Sindh, please note if that specific college has exact number of seats as allocated by PMDC. Students admitted over and above the allocated seats would not be registered as a student by PMDC.

No. Name of medical school Funding Established Enrollment University City Province Website IMED profile
58 Aga Khan University Medical College Private 1983 100 AKU Karachi Sindh 704155
59 Baqai Medical College Private 1988 100 BMU Karachi Sindh 704122
60 Faculty of Medicine and Allied Medical Sciences (Isra University) Private 1997 100 IU-H Hyderabad Sindh 704030
61 Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry Private 1994 100 HU-K Karachi Sindh 704115
62 Jinnah Medical & Dental College Private 1998 100 UoK Karachi Sindh 704035
63 Sir Syed College of Medical Sciences for Girls Private 1998 100 UoK Karachi Sindh 704045
64 Ziauddin Medical College Private 1996 150 ZU Karachi Sindh 704170
65 Muhammad Medical College Private 1999 100 UoS Mirpurkhas Sindh 704055
66 Liaquat National Medical College Private 2007 100 UoK Karachi Sindh 704245
67 Bahria University Medical and Dental College Private 2008 100 BU-I Karachi Sindh 704325
68 Al-Tibri Medical College Private 2010 100 IU-H Karachi Sindh 704290
69 Liaquat College of Medicine and Dentistry Private 2006 100 UoK Karachi Sindh 704260
70 United Medical and Dental College Private 2013 100 UoK Karachi Sindh [1] 0003101
71 Indus Medical College Private 2014 100 UoS Tando Muhammad Khan Sindh not listed