Merit Calculation Formula for Educators Recruitment 2016

As Educators Recruitment Process is on its way, many people want to calculate their merit for educators reruitment 2016 beforehand . So in this post you will find Merit Calculation Formula for Educators Recruitment 2016 and how to calculate merit as well. In Educators Recruitment 2016, the ranking criteria for Educators is as under :

Merit Calculation formua for educators recruitment 2016

As you can , there are defined marks for academics, test and interview, so all we need to do is to get percentage of our academics and multiply it with merit marks. I’m going to perform a demo of merit calculation below.

I’ve used some abbreviations to fit the table in one page .

  • DP means Degree Percentage
  • ASM means Allocated Merit Marks
Degree Marks Total Marks DP ASM Formula Merit Marks
 Matric  856  1050  81.52  15  DP/100 x ASM  12.228
 Inter  872  1100  79.27  15   DP/100 x ASM  11.890
 Graduation  558  800  70.00  15   DP/100 x ASM  10.50
 Masters  675  1100  61.36  20   DP/100 x ASM  12.22
 B.Ed  625  900  69.44  05   DP/100 x ASM  3.472
Total  50.23


So I got 50.23 marks out of 75 marks. Please note that I’ve not added M.Phil marks to avoid confusion as many candidates have not done M.Phil. If you have M.Phil or Ph.D degree, just add 5 more marks .

Now we have got merit marks without test and interview. Let’s move ahead and calculate our final marks based on our expected marks in NTS test and Interview.

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This time NTS test has 20 Allocated Merit Marks. What does this mean ?

Let me explain in layman language. 20 allocated marks mean if you get full 100 marks in NTS test, you will get full 20 Allocated Marks. So in this way, if you get 50 marks in NTS test, you will get 10 allocated marks.

So let’s suppose you get 80 marks in NTS test, you will get 16 NTS allocated marks.

Now add your assumed NTS test marks in your total academic marks :

NTS Marks Academic Marks Total Marks
16 50.23 66.23

Now we’ve left interview marks in our pocket.  Interview has 5 allocated marks, but these 5 marks can make or break, as the interview panel has sole authority over these marks.

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Usually panel allots 4 marks to each candidate, but this is not a rule. They can give you zero marks if you don’t come up to their expectation during interview or they can award you as much as 5 marks if you rock the interview. So add your interview marks in total marks and bingo…..

Pre-Interview Marks Interview Marks Final Merit Marks
66.23 5 71.23


So my final merit marks have reached as high as 71.23 🙄 

Now calculate your merit and share your merit marks in comments. If you have any problem in calculation, please comment your marks in comment section and I’ll calculate your merit marks for you .  😎


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