While we all know that nepotism  runs in the blood of most of our politicians, but it took an insane & ruthless turn lately when Govt of Punjab appointed Zakia Shahnawaz as Minister for Higher Education.  Zakia Shahnawaz has been given the portfolio of Environmental Protection with additional charge of Higher Education.  Here is the screenshot taken from website of Punjab Assembly. 



It’s ridiculous to imagine that a minister who never attended any college or university is tasked to handle the affairs of Higher Education & Academia.    This clearly exhibits the non-seriousness of the PML(N) Govt for Education in Punjab.    She also holds the charge of an important & sensitive department i.e Environmental Protection. International environmental protection agencies have warned Pakistan of being hit by severe climate changes in near future, but our Govt is so much negligent of these facts that it has given the charge to a Minister who may not even tell the meanings of term ‘environmental protection’. 


Update: After the news was reported by media outlets & shared massively on social media, Govt has tried to act smart by removing  the ”Higher Education Ministry” from her profile, their badness, the page was already cached by Archive.org (a website that keeps record of almost all webpages on internet). You can go & check it yourself by clicking here.