The Dasu Power Project, which is a hydroelectric project, will create 8,000 jobs for the local community. These jobs will  help out the government to be able to provide more cost efficient, cheap, but more powerful hydroelectricity energy. Reported by China Daily.

The project which will be consisted of the main dam, a powerhouse, affiliated facilities,  a residential complex and transmission lines, would be a great boost to the local economy. This will help boost agriculture, and tourism.

The contracted dam with China is set to be built in the mountainous terrain in the upper Indus Valley in Kohistan district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. China Gezhouba Group Co Limited (CGGC), the company helping build the dam, has actually agreed to invest more than $1.72 billion for the construction of this project which will produce 4,320 megawatt hydroelectric power.

Dasu is an actual flagship project which is part of the CPEC, One Belt One Road initiative. This project will help the livelihoods of Pakistani’s as well as build better relationship with the Chinese. This will be a huge investment for Pakistan and this will definitely be a great benefit for now, and for long term as well.

Zhou stated that this project being located in this region helps the country all around. As some locations may be ignored, since not a lot of population may be living there, this gives a good and better opportunity for less developed sites to show that their voices are being heard as well and are also getting a piece of the pie from CPEC.