Punjab Govt has issued notification for promotion and scale up-gradation of of School Teacher

According to notification issued by School Education Department, the new scales of different categories of teachers will be as under

  • ESE will be promoted to scale 14
  • SESE will be promoted to Scale 16
  • SSE will be promoted to scale 17

Earlier this year, Punjab Govt has upgraded pay scales of clerical staff all over the Punjab. Though the decision was welcomed  by clerical staff in different Govt departments of Punjab, but it reflected Punjab Govt negligence for Education Department in Punjab where the elementary school teachers is still recruited in as low as scale 9. Teachers community in Punjab started protest against this decriminalization and demanded Govt of Punjab to promote pay scale of school teachers as well. It looks like the appeals by teachers community were heard and pay scale for teachers have been upgraded.

It’s noteworthy that Govt has taken this decision amid wide-spread protest against privatization of hundreds of school in Punjab. This decision can be an attempt to defuse the protests against Govt policy to handover low performing schools to Punjab Education Foundation.

Download Notification of School Teachers Scale Up-gradation