PPSC Headmaster Dy.Headmaster  1St Time Mcqs Paper 2016. PPSC conducted Headmaster / Dy. Headmaster test (male) on 10 September, 2016. Paper consisted of 100 MCQs, mostly from Education, School Management, Teachers Training, School Psychology & Development in Education Sector in Pakistan, after partition. Given below are solved MCQs of PPSC Headmaster Test. As PPSC doesn’t allow candidates to take questionnaire with them,   so these questions of PPSC Headmaster Test (Male) are produced here by recalling the questions. It is possible that some questions written here would have a slightly different ‘question statement’ but gist of questions is not compromised , for sure. Feel free to ask any question in comments below. Please do share to help others.  You can download solved paper in PDF below this page.

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The Main Duty Of Classroom Management Is Of
Head Teacher. Teacher . Student . Deo
2: Ddo Means
Deputy Divisional Officer
3: To Maintain All School Records Is The Duty Of
Teacher. Principal . Clerk. Deo
4: All Funds And Grants Are Noted Down In
Stock Register. Biudget Register.
5: Information Transfered From Sub Ordinate To Superior Is A Type Of Communication
Upward . Downward
6: Islamic Teaching System Is
7: What Is The Meaning Of 3 R’S
Reading Writing Eating
Reading Writing Understanding
8: Study Of Inclass And Outerclass Activities Is
Behaviourism . Realism
9: How Many Components Of Teaching
2 4 6 8
10: The Part Which Is Ignored Inteaching Institutes Is
Research And Development
11: Most Common Method Of Teaching In All Educational Institutes Is
Project Methid . Lecture Method. Demonstration Method
12: The Method Of Teaching In Which Teacher Practically Do Things Is
Demonstration Method . Project Method. Lecture Method
13: The Teaching Technique In Which Students Are More Active Is
Lecture Technique. Question Answer Technique

14: Cai Stands For
Computer Assisted Informations. Computer Assisted Institutions Etc
15: Teach Reteach.Feedback Re Feed Back Is Type Of Teaching
Question Answer Microteaching. Project Method
16: When Scientific Society Made…Ans: 1863/1884
17: Unesco On Which Date Said To Apply 4 Percent Gnp On Education
18: Students Are……… In Lecture Method……Ans: Passive
19: Best Teaching Method
20: Best Way To Increase Interest Of Student
21: .Govt Undetake Which Level Education
22: Education Makes Learning To Become A Good Citizen .Said By Who
23: Which Nethod Dont Give Feedback At Spot
24: .Which Method Gives Feedback And Refeedback
25: .Essianlism Indicate What?

26: .Who Is Responsible Cirriculum Implementation ?
27: Range Of Classes In Higher Secondary Schoolls
1-12. 6-12. 9-12 11-12…Ans:1-12
28: Diversification Of Subjects Starts From Which Level
Elementary. Secendary. Higher Secondary
From Middle School
29: Aims Are Called
Head Teacher Outcomes. Teacher Outcomes . Students Outcomes . Lesrning Out Comes
30: Porthfolio Means
Teachers Performance Record. Students Performance
31: Androgogy Means
Teaching Adults. T. Children . Toodlers
32: Ontology Means
33: Division Of Groups Is Called
Taxonomy. Solo. Controlling
34: Delegation Of Powers In School Is For
Planning. Controlling
35: The Ability To Start New Things And Readiness For New Activity Is
36: The One Who Motivates Is Called
Leader. Manager . Controller
37: The Word Cognitive Means

38: Final Outcome Of Measurement Is
Evaluation. Score Result
39: How Many Education Levels In Pakistan
40: Good Or Bad Axiology Or Ontology
41: No System Is Better Than Teacher .. It Was Said In Which Educational Policy 42: First Person To Give Idea Of Free Education
43: What Is The Philosophy Of Shah Wali Ullah
44: Who Gives Curriculum’S Final Approval
45: Research Study Starts From
46: Method Rejected By Ibn E Khaldoon
47: Aristotle’S Method Of Teaching
48: I.Q Stands For
49: Basic Meaninv If Curiculum

50: Who Said .Child Study Is Natural Environment
51: Who Said. Scientific Method Is Based On Experiment.
52: What Is P In Postcard
53: Approved Socity Is Called
54: Culture Communication Is Duty Of..
55: Articles Purchased By School Would Be Written On Which Register
56: What’S The Purpose Of Acquaintance Roll
57: Rough Behavior Of Heaf Under Which Theory
58: Personal Qualities Are Measured In Which Type Of Research
59: Protective Techniques Are Useful Fir Aptitude Or Personality
60: Which Language Was Recommended For Charter Act
61: Which Institute Resisted Against English Anc Governemnt ..Deoband
62: Jamia Milia Dehli Books Language .. Urdu
63: What Can Be Achieved From Class Room Aims. Objective. Targets.
64: Who Said Curiculum Is Sum Of All Activites Offered By School.
65: Meaning Of Work Cognition
66: 1St I.Q Test Made By …. Binet
67: Why Education Department Is Made On Uni Level
68: Ghazali Started Learning What Is Search Of Truth

69: What Is Practical Form Of Pgilosophy
70: Due To Which Method Education Is Called Science
71: Modern Theory Of Management Belongs To…
72: What Is Heart Of Management
73: Level Of Control Of Deo
74: Levels Of Solo Taxonomy…Option
75: Highest Level Of Cognitive
76: Professional Means… Job . Duty. Work .. Service
77: Effective Working Of School Depends On.. Head. Management.. Curiculm. Time Table
78: Year Of Wood Dispatch Report
79: 1St Time Inspection Was Started In Country…
80: Which Graph Shows Change In Numbers.. Bar. Line. Pie
81: Pec Stands For
82: Guidance Provider Is.. Helper. Moralist. Judge..
83: Motivation For The Sake Of Itself
84: Norm Reference Test Compares

85: Level Of General Education
86: More Subject Can Be Studied From Which Technique
87: During The Class Identification Of Learning Problems
88: Ddo Means
89: Charter Act Year
90: Purpose Of Portfolio
91: Sedler Commission Year.
92: 1959 Policy Presided By
93: Which Method Is Suitable For All Level
94: Supervisor Of Lesson Plan
95: Govt Grants And Expenditure Are Written In Which Register
96: What Is Better Than Training Y
97: Scientific Society Starting Year..
98: Kindergarten’S Founder Is..
99: Eaning Of Cognition ?

100: Ontology Deals With ?

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