Punjab Govt has decided to upgrade the scales of school teachers & other Govt servants in Punjab.

According to the highly placed sources, amid the political chaos in Pakistan, the ruling party  Pakistan Muslim League (N) is going to play its trump card by calling early elections next years.  The sources in PMLN have confirmed that during his long stay in London, Nawaz Sharif discussed many options with his close aides  how to get out of the current political chaos. The sources claim that Prime Minister’s stay in London provided him the opportunity to concentrate &  finalize a formula to not only put his political rivals especially the hostile Imran Khan in awe but to win next elections as well.

Hawks in PMLN believe that party is in a position to win elections if called early. Plus, it will distract the opposition from haunting Govt about Panama leaks that has become a headache for the Sharif family. When asked will the opposition allow Govt do call early elections, a PMLN official told that it’s privilege of Govt to call for elections whenever it considers is the right time. He said that many opposition parties have long been demanding to reduce the tenure of parliament from five years to four years. Govt can oblige them doing this legislation &  hence the Govt’s tenure will automatically end next year & new elections will arrive upon us.


Punjab Govt has already started working on ”Election Packages” . In a bid to woo the disgruntled voters in Punjab, Punjab Govt has decided to fill 4 lakh vacancies in different departments &  upgrade the scales of lakhs of Govt servants in Punjab including Education, Health, Revenue, Finance, Forestry, Social Welfare, Civil Defense & Agriculture department. According to sources:

  • Primary school teachers (ESE) will be promoted from scale 9 scale 14
  • Secondary school teachers ( SESE) will be promoted from Scale 14 to scale 16
  • High School teachers (SSE) will be promoted from scale 16 to scale 17


When asked, Secretary education Punjab Imran Balouch confirmed that Govt is going to upgrade scales of Govt servants in Punjab and notification will be issued very soon.


Teachers Upgradation in Punjab