Staff Software Engineer (Backend - Ruby&Rails OR Golang)

Full time Full day
About the Team:

The Dev Tooling team builds systems to increase developer productivity and improve system reliability across all of Outreach. We own developer environments, CI/CD, system observability, shared libraries, and shared frameworks. This is a wide charter with technical depth that acts as the oil keeping the Outreach software development engine running smoothly

This team is a team of generalists, with specializations. With the wide charter, you may find yourself spending a morning building a logging library, and the afternoon helping a team design an efficient way to run integration tests in a production-like environment. We spend our time alternating between helping our engineering customers with immediate issues and developing features with long-term impact - a great environment if you like quick wins mixed in with larger investments. The wide charter also means there are myriad opportunities to expand your knowledge and skills, both on the technical front and in product design. If wide leeway to improve developer productivity and production reliability sounds exciting to you, come talk to us!

The Role:

This particular role is geared towards an individual who specializes in ruby and ruby on rails. In this role you will be supporting the critical shared components and framework of our monolith ruby application. This particular codebase is the most heavily trafficked codebase at all of Outreach, and is responsible for the bulk majority of our revenue generating operations.

Your Daily Adventures Will Include:

    • Ruby version upgrades

    • Ruby on rails version upgrades

    • Foundational gem upgrades

    • Driving ruby code style, etiquette, standards, linters, etc.

    • Maintaining and improving CI/CD for a large ruby codebase

    • Ruby observability tooling

    • Maintaining and improving a shared component framework within a large monolithic ruby

    • codebase

    • Maintaining and improving test harnesses for rspec tests

    • General consulting with other teams integrating new code or improving existing code

    • within the ruby monolith

Our Vision of You:

    • 10+ years of software development experience

    • Experience working on build systems, especially running in CICD

    • Experience maintaining shared libraries, especially open-source libraries

    • Experience with container-based workflows and services, especially Kubernetes

    • Experience building production monitoring to track service and website health

    • 5+ years experience building Ruby on Rails web applications, including upgrading Rails between major/minor versions

    • 10+ years experience in Ruby application development

    • Experience with MySQL (?)

    • Familiarity with Typescript, Python, and Go

How to apply

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